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Monthly Plan

Access to everything you need to achieve your long term fitness & lifestyle goals.
This plan includes full access to the FITcademy platform with personalised exercise programming,  on-demand workouts, diet programming, supported learning, chat support and more.


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3 Month Block

This plan is perfect for anyone that's just getting started with their fitness journey, or working towards a short term goal.
It includes 3 months access to the FITcademy platform with personalised exercise programming, on-demand workouts, diet programming, supported learning, chat support and more.


P.s. You can choose to extend your plan at the end of the 3 months. Consider it our motivation for getting you incredible results.

£137/one-time payment

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Plans Include


Exercise Programs

No matter your health goal a good exercise routine is essential. Work with our trainers to receive a personalised exercise program perfectly suited to your needs PLUS on-demand workouts you can enjoy anytime.


Diet Plans

With 3 different diet styles available, all of which can be fully customised to you - your diet will probably never ever feel like a diet at all. 


Supported Learning

Use the 12 week Learn section to improve your knowledge of the fundamentals of fitness and the Explore section to build out your understanding of topics that are engaging to you.

Enjoy this FREE sample class

PLUS these extra features

  • How To Series

    All members have access to the NEW 'How To' series where industry leaders give their step by step guides for topics including:


    How to: Do your first pull up

    How to: Do your first push up

    How to: Improve your sleep

    More topics added monthly

  • Specialisation programs

    Members with past training experience are able to request specialisation workouts to supplement their personalised training programs. Specialisations include:

    Gymnastic Strength
    Site Specific Hypertrophy


    With more scheduled to be added in the coming months.

  • Monthly Recipe Books

    We release a new recipe book every month with over 30 delicious easy-to-make recipes free for all members.


    Members also get access to over 50 Restaurant Nutrition guides with 4 more added monthly. Current guides include Nandos, McDonalds, Pizza Express and more.

  • Community Support

    Once you’ve logged into the membership area you’ll be able to join the FITcademy community Facebook group.


    All members also receive weekly email check-ins from their trainer where they can raise any questions or request any modifications to programs as well as access to an in-site Helpdesk feature.

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