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We help successful men build uncommon physiques and hardened minds.

Due to a high number of applicants, it's only possible to join as a member upon successful completion of our free 11-day challenge.

FITcademy 5 day challenge

Our Method


We pay attention to what's happening in our industry but we aren't led by it... Instead we action what is proven, known and has been polished by friction and time.

Primal training systems. Science backed nutrition. A holistic view on the requirement for voluntary hardship with individualisation throughout.


We created FITcademy as a community for men to learn, grow and improve without noise or distraction. Take your first step to becoming a better man today, with our free 11 day challenge.

Exercise Programs


Building an uncommon physique requires an uncommon understanding of you.

We provide an off-the-shelf program in our free 11 day challenge but when you work with us as a member the experience will always be built around you and your goals.


Some of the programs we create are for members with less than a years experience, some are for those several years experienced for both home and in-gym training.


We also provide a designated program messages chat function for any changes, alterations or assistance you might need.

Online Personal Training

Dietary Guidance


As with training, our success with diet is built on understanding and individualisation.

Every person has a unique set of circumstances. Unique goal, unique experience level and a successful diet will reflect that in both application and method.


Though we will create you a personalised diet plan, we will not provide a generic meal plan. Instead, we will educate you on the fundamentals of successful dieting.


When you understand the science, staying in phenomenal shape all year around becomes child's play.

MEMBER only features

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    Specialisation programs

    Members are able to supplement their training programs with free to download specialisation programs on recovery days. Specialisations include:


    Bicep & Tricep Hypertrophy

    Back Hypertrophy

    Chest & Shoulder Hypertrophy

    Legs & Glute Hypertrophy


    With more scheduled in coming months.

  • Online Personal Training FITcademy

    Coach Support

    Members have access to unlimited coach support in-site.


    The helpdesk function operates 5 days per week for training program alteration requests and any diet or training related questions you may have.

  • Fitcademy

    Monthly Recipe Books

    Members have exclusive access to our seasonal recipe book collection. Each book contains over 30 delicious easy-to-make recipes.


    With additional exclusive access to Restaurant Nutrition guides each month. Current guides include Nandos, McDonalds, Pizza Express and more.


  • James Smith Academy

    Community Support

    Once you’ve logged into the membership area you’ll be able to join the FITcademy community Facebook group.


    All members also receive weekly email check-ins from their trainer where they can raise any questions or request any modifications to programs as well as access to an in-site Helpdesk feature.

Membership Options


Free 11 Day Challenge designed to get your foot on the rung on the results ladder. The challenge is open to men only and completely free.

  • FREE training & nutrition cheat sheet

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access

  • Daily challenges on:

    - Our principles

    - Nutrition

    - Training

    - Stoic mindset

    - Voluntary hardship


6 week course available to purchase on invitation following the successful completion of the free FITcademy 11 Day Challenge

  • Personalised training program

  • Personalised diet plan

  • Goal-focussed trainer support

  • Community of likeminded men

  • Personalised diet plan

  • Goal-focussed trainer support

  • BONUS: Exclusive access to adventure retreats

  • BONUS: Specialisation workouts


Available to purchase on invitation after the successful completion of the 6-week block membership

  • Monthly group training program

  • Exclusive BuiltFIT member Facebook Group

  • Exclusive roundtable discussions with Max/Clem

  • Priority access and exclusive discounts for FITadventure retreats

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