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Personalised To You

We want you to succeed. With that your membership experience is built entirely around your long term wellness goal, whatever that may be.


At The Click Of A Button

We pride ourself on our customer service and ensure every exercise program we publish is perfectly tailored to your availability, experience and goal.


Across Desktop & Mobile

Calculate your macro-nutrient and calorie requirements, or request a trainer written diet plan. We provide everything you need to find a diet you not only love, but can stick too.


For All Members

We're a Customer Service company that excels at fitness. No matter the question, you will always be able to reach out to your trainer for support & guidance through your fitness journey.

​Key Features 
What You Can Expect

  • Incredible Personalisation

    ​We don't believe in a one size fits all approach and instead offer an incredible amount of personalisation, in both training, and nutrition programs for our members. 

  • Tailored Exercise Programs

    We create fully personalised exercise programs to suit your goals and needs, catering for members with no training experience, right through to highly experienced athletes. Any modifications can be easily made through the in-site Helpdesk.

  • Expert Nutritional Guidance

    The best diet is the one that you can stick too, and so, we do not prescribe boring, generic meal plans. Instead we either help you calculate your caloric requirements, or premium members can request 1 of 3 diet plans from their trainer. This coupled with our monthly recipe books ensures you have a diet plan you can actually stick too. 

  • Learn

    Our growing Learn section dives into the nitty gritty of health, answering questions asked by our members. From how to set a fitness goal, to the proper use of a foam roller, this is your opportunity to gain independence and truly understand your fitness and nutrition.


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Results on a Budget

+ Access the exclusive FITcademy members area

+ Goal Setting

+ Customisable Training Programs

+ Calorie Calculator

+ Video Tutorials

+ Topic Requests In The Learn Section

+ Trainer Helpdesk

+ Community Page




Crafted for the Commited

Basic Access PLUS

+ Choice Of 3 Unique Lifestyle Focussed Diets

+ Request A Coach Written Diet Plan

+ Request A Coach Written Training Program

+ 24/7 Trainer Support Chat




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